North of the Luberon

We rarely stray north of the Luberon to walk but recently we have made two forays over the mountains.
There is no pictorial evidence of the first trip to La Gorge de la Nesque as it was marked as difficult. I did not want to risk my camera if I was having to scramble on all fours down the side of a precipice. it proved to be a good decision as at one point the walker behind me offered to take the water bottle from me and place it in my backpack as she could see that I needed both hands for the very steep, narrow descent.
It is sad that I cannot share this experience with you in pictures as it is a most spectacular gorge. You can google the images

The area around the gorge is equally beautiful so we decided to return last weekend and take a more leisurely stroll. Our walking companions had pointed out a rather modest chateau which they informed us belonged to Mick Jagger. I cannot confirm this information but whoever owns this pile is indeed lucky

Chateau Javon in Provence
Chateau Javon

The chateau is near a beautiful little village called Lioux which is tucked into the side of the cliff

A town hall in Lioux, Provence
The town all in Lioux

Look at the cliff rising up behind the Marie. The Marie was built in 1854. These little french villages are so wonderfully unchanged. At this time of the year one can stroll around almost alone.

The walking in the area includes every level of capability and if you get the chance and love walking this is a wonderful spot.