“Salon de Photos 2012” Paris

It’s a biennial trade show taking place in Paris This was my second visit so I felt like an old hand. I wasn’t scrutanising my metro map nor supporting my camera around my neck like the nervous girl opposite me. I had booked my entry badge so didn’t need to wait in line.

Trade shows give me a sense of ‘deja vu’ having run an Online stand, for ten years, in London. I work my way aisle by aisle starting with the one furtherest from the entrance. I try not to get distracted by the gizmos which I will never need nor buy. I had a list of things I wanted to see and was hoping to be wowed by things I had not even dreamed of.

My first impression was that the numbers were down on 2010, that there were many more professionals than keen amateurs and that there was less gizmos and more down to earth items on offer.

The Canon, Nikon, Panasonic,Tamron stands occupied most of the center of the hall and the smaller vendors were clinging to their skirts around the edges. I was on the search for printing papers but I didn’t find anything new.  The world of video production is exploding and was omnipresent. Holidays organised by agencies and run by professional photographers are the “new way to go”. People willing to teach you how to use your new expensive camera were trying to get your attention and part you from your money.  I smiled sweetly at them all and passed on.

My new camera eats memory like a hungry teenager. But I didn’t find anyone giving memory cards away…. I decided to consult Santa Claus.

The big camera producers were resplendent on their thrones. Canon had two raptors for clients to photograph using their spanking new wildlife lens. The birds reminded me of jaded models, looking this way and that, posing coyly for the snapping amateurs.

Birds of prey posing for photosRaptors being photographed

Being a Nikon head I made for their less spectacular, more techno area that was Nikon

Nikon stand at Salon de Photo 2012 ParisNikon stand

I checked out the lens on my wish list and moved on. When you move into the big boys league of cameras you have to upgrade many of your lenses so I will not be seen in the pubs for another few years as I save my euro to move up in the lens world. Apparently Nikon lens suppliers are starting a -30% Promo from the 15th November so if you have a tweet address for Santa please pass this information on.

Next blog will be about where we stayed and where we ate in Paris.