reporting results of competition

The “Tormented Sky” competition closes on 8th January so I probably will not know before February if I have been selected. However I will get a critique anyway, based on four criteria which I will report. Thank you to everyone who offered their choices.

competition for publication

I would like help with deciding which images to send to Chasseur d’Image, a French Photography Magazine, to try to get published. The subject title is: Tormented Skies. It is suggested that this could include heavy menacing clouds, rays of light traversing a dark background, rainbows on dark skies or  heavily contrasted images after rain. Here are the images under consideration:
(Je crois que mes amis français et française arrivent à comprendre l’anglais)

Casares, Spain


Cork airport, Ireland

Cucuron, France 1

Cucuron, France 2

Rainbow on road to Cadenet, France

Returning to Sherkin Island, Ireland

Tarifa, Spain

Tipperary, Ireland

These are reduced images from the  originals: