Day 5: In Gotanda TOKYO 2ndMay 2017

This is version 2 of this entry since version 1 seems to have have become irrevocably locked… These are the joys of technology on the move. I’m sure our grandchildren will look back and wonder at how we managed to do any of this communicating given our limitations…

As I was saying in version 1 there were good things and bad things happened yesterday. The bad was not so bad as it was only our inability to find the restaurant to which we had been invited by Airbnb for a complimentary sake. We had checked the location on Dr Google maps but alas things ain’t always what they seem. The sight of bewildered foreigners, looking into phone screens, then raising their eyes trying to reconcile the virtual with the reality, is very common.

Failing to locate our free drinkie courtesy of Airbnb we pushed on to the local restaurant which we had booked. This was found with no bother. We seated ourselves on high stools (great for dodgy hips) in front of the kitchen. Boy do these chefs work hard.



There were 3 main chefs, one was gri!ling, mostly sea bass, another was occupied with the raw fish and a third was doing everything else including stir fry and omlette to die for, more about that later. We were somewhat alarmed by the offers on page 1 of the menu, partly in English, mostly in Japanese. I won’t go into detail in case you are reading this while eating. But as we proceeded, after we were given a reduced, mostly English version, with better pictures, we found what looked like an amazing plate of raw fish. Many varieties of raw fiah, oysters, octopus, cod etc. But what really took our fancy was the raw mackerel. We have so much mackerel on Sherkin but we would never think of eating it raw. A whole business to be developed in view of Brexit!! Our raw fish plate was delicious.

Day 5: In Gotanda TOKYO 2ndMay 2017

But we were so fascinated by the omlette maker that we ordered two, one cheese and one shrimp. But the waiter said it would be too much for us! He suggested half shrimp and half cheese. It was very tasty. We washed it down with two beers. We felt a bit bad about our beers as everyone else was on water. The whole lot cost us 50euro. So depending on what and where you eat Japan is not too expensive. The fish plate had a set of sauces, We suspect the fish is mostly farmed, so sauces are necessary.

Today we decide to visit a photography exhibition by one of my favourite photographers, Saul Leiter. It was held in the Bunkerama Museum. We had a fair idea where this was. On arriving at the building a very nice man showed us exactly where  we should go. This was a retrospective exhibition of Leiter’s work. For those who do not know his work he was known mainly for his fashion photography. But we was a trained artist and only practised fashion photography to pay the bills. However some of his artwork was included in the exibition. I can’t say I liked it. I love Leiter’s urban photography and there were many brilliant examples ondisplay.

The building in which the museum is housed is stunning. In a central garden there is a very chic restaurant called “Les Deux Magots” – well not as chic as Paris…

We sauntered (if that word can be applied to any people movement in Tokyo) around until we got tired.

We had checked out another local restaurant for dinner. It was all about meat. We were advised to return at 7.30 but that we would have to queue. We dutifully returned. We had sussed out the queuing area earlier in the day. It was seating around a cool water dispenser. I had thought the morning queues were for the dole!!! On arrival we sat down in this area only to have a panic struck youth rush out of the restaurant to escort us across and down the road to the smokers designated area. Here we were to join a very orderly longer queue. We eventually worked our way up to the seats and then inside. It really was all about meat though we had a delicious mushroom starter.

Meat is very expensive. So we left very well fed but financially lighter.

Another great day