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France is synonymous with food. It is a lay country but it’s religion is surely food, talking about it, growing it, sourcing it, buying it and finally eating it. It is what I especially love about France.

When friends come to dinner they are interested in what I am cooking, we all end up in our tiny kitchen discussing how our mothers and grandmothers used to cook this or that. The wine we drink with our meal is of equal importance. It need not be an expensive wine. In fact so much the better if you have discovered some local gem. Its merits are discussed, not in the silly fashion of wine critiques, comparing it to raspberries or hot chocolate or whatever, but more where it was grown, how robust it is and how it will endure.

Friends coming to dinner try to bring you a small gift they have made themselves or something they know you will never have tasted. Walking with friends last week I was given “lactaire delicieux” mushrooms collected in the forest where we were walking, together with instructions on how to cook them. This week I received a “socca” which is a speciality of the Nice region. It is normally cooked on the street and eaten warm with a glass of chilled rosé but since we are not here in Summer my friend wanted me to have this unique experience. Like all good food its ingredients are very simple chick pea flour and olive oil. My friend added herbs which made it especially delicious.

Socca a Nicoise speciality
Socca a speciality of the south of France


On the theme of food a wonderful French film called “Les Saveurs du Palais” has just come to the screens. It is called “Haute Cuisine” in the English version. It is loosely based on the life of Danielle Mazet-Delpeuch who was the chef to President Mitterrand. The role of Danielle is played by Catherine Frot. Her love and passion for food sparkles from the screen. We hadn’t eaten before we went and were famished by the time we got home.

For the english speakers among you I am afraid the trailer is in French. I tried to source an english version but alas…. There are a couple of trailers on the video so you might have to wait to see “Les Saveurs du Palais”, you’ll see what I mean about the food!

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