Rosewood Garden

The annual garden trail takes place, in West Cork, around the end of June and beginning of July. Over the years I have visited almost all the gardens. This year I spotted a new garden on the list. It is situated just outside Baltimore on the road to Lough Hyne.

Together with two gardening friends we set off yesterday morning to visit Rosewood. Rosewood House is also a B&B. The garden extends just under 4 acres. As a gardener of jsut over 1 acre I do not know how this lovely lady copes with both the garden and running a B&B. But cope she does and the garden is a visual delight.

Sheryl told us that together with her daughter they manage the garden. She also told us how she likes to create a beautiful space which can be enjoyed by wildlife. Her methodology resembles my own. Nature has given her a beautiful space and she just encourages and enhances it .