Photos of Bus trip to Villarica

Here is the blog for Villarica::

I decided to take you on the bus trip from Temuco to Villarica. I always try to get on the right side of the bus. However taking photos through a bus window never leads to pin sharp images. That said I love seeing  people getting on and off buses, the anxious, the fussy and the cool dudes all make good subjects. So forgive the quality and enjoy the scene,


The trip from Temuco to Villarica
The trip from Temuco to Villarica


Waiting to leave
Waiting to leave


Waiting to get on the bus
Cool dude
Cool dude


Goodby kiss
Goodbye kiss


Mama & Baby
Mama & Baby


Family with a lot of luggage


From the window
From the window




Photos of Temuco and Cholchol

Below is the blog entry for our stop in Temuco


Our apart hotel looking inwards. hotel_outside_sm




The view out our window!!!!!







This should have been a Mapuche village but there was very little evidence of the Mapuche way of life here. We visited the tiny museum which was manned by three women who would have been better pleased if we had not bothered!!! Here is an image of some of the display


We took a short walk around the village to see if we could find any evidence of the Mapuche but all we found were traces of modernity




The cerros of Valparaiso

Valparaiso has about a mile of flat land down by the ocean. For this reason it became a port. Then the terrain rises very sharply up into the cerros. To reach these one has to either take a car on the few accessible roads up, walk up very steep inclines or take a funicular. The latter were built at the end of the 1800’s and are still grinding up these hills. The box in which one travels is the same wooden affair as it was way back then.

We had two funiculars that we could use to reach our studio, Concepcion or Queen Victoria. These form part of the tourist circuit. The visitors enter are pulled up with the rest of us and leave the box for a couple of minutes. Just long enough to take a couple of snaps!!! They miss the most spectacular views over Valpo.Concepcion sdcensor notice



Queen Victoria funiclar
cValpo_ concepcion_view
View from Concepcion funicular window