trip to ireland

Well that was the nightmare of all nightmares. End result I got pleurisy. We travelled back on the day Paris closed down. Only problem was Beauvais airport did not close down… On arrival in a relatively snow free zone there were no busses to Paris. Five hundred very excited, mostly young, people thought they were going to be stranded for life in Beauvais. Chaos ensued. The bus authorities, assisted by the Police Municipale managed to aggravate the chaos. Suffice it to say after about three hours in freezing temperatures we boarded a bus, on which a young Italian lady lost total control when she discovered her other half was still outside the bus.. Arrived in Porte Maillot to find a phantom city, no cars, no busses and no taxis. We set out to walk along the centre of the Avenue de la Grande Armeé. We arrived at our hotel at 3.00 am tired and very unhappy. Next morning I thought I was dying so we decided to head back south. A visit to my homeopath confirmed I had pleurisy. Treatment without the aid of antibiotics means that I will be unlikely to have a recurrence. However my body is wrecked from fighting the invasion.
Our stay in Ireland with the family and on Sherkin had been wonderful. Here are some pics of the trip

Heuston Station


Out train window


Another out the train window


Uneven surface warning!!!


Airport on arrival 


weather what else

Would be really interested to see your photos of the weather in ireland at the moment, if you have a blog. I took this one in Sherkin on 5th January 2010 with a Nikon D200, s=1/350, f10.  What should I call it?

reporting results of competition

The “Tormented Sky” competition closes on 8th January so I probably will not know before February if I have been selected. However I will get a critique anyway, based on four criteria which I will report. Thank you to everyone who offered their choices.

competition for publication

I would like help with deciding which images to send to Chasseur d’Image, a French Photography Magazine, to try to get published. The subject title is: Tormented Skies. It is suggested that this could include heavy menacing clouds, rays of light traversing a dark background, rainbows on dark skies or  heavily contrasted images after rain. Here are the images under consideration:
(Je crois que mes amis français et française arrivent à comprendre l’anglais)

Casares, Spain


Cork airport, Ireland

Cucuron, France 1

Cucuron, France 2

Rainbow on road to Cadenet, France

Returning to Sherkin Island, Ireland

Tarifa, Spain

Tipperary, Ireland

These are reduced images from the  originals: