The cerros of Valparaiso

Valparaiso has about a mile of flat land down by the ocean. For this reason it became a port. Then the terrain rises very sharply up into the cerros. To reach these one has to either take a car on the few accessible roads up, walk up very steep inclines or take a funicular. The latter were built at the end of the 1800’s and are still grinding up these hills. The box in which one travels is the same wooden affair as it was way back then.

We had two funiculars that we could use to reach our studio, Concepcion or Queen Victoria. These form part of the tourist circuit. The visitors enter are pulled up with the rest of us and leave the box for a couple of minutes. Just long enough to take a couple of snaps!!! They miss the most spectacular views over Valpo.Concepcion sdcensor notice



Queen Victoria funiclar
cValpo_ concepcion_view
View from Concepcion funicular window

Street art in situ in Valpairso

I want to show where the street art is situated in Valpairso. In fact it is everywhere but it is difficult from images to see where it fits into the whole Valpo scene.

The images can be looked at in conjunction with the earlier posts:

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The New Chile Adventure

about me

about me


Valporaiso templeman house

A house on Templeman

Valpairso templeman boy passng

The next door house with young man going to school. This helps to see the size of these images.

Valpairso street art house dogs

As always in Chile we have a couple of dogs in front of a house covered in graffiti.

Valpairso street art restaurant

A rather nice restaurant

Valpairso street art steps

Detail to the right of above restaurant. The messy graffiti on the steps takes away from the wonderful street art. But this happens.

Graffiti of Valparaiso

Valparaiso is the “Boho” area of Chile. Graffiti is ubiquitous. All this started as a means of making political satirical statements in Chile’s difficult times. It has now become the city’s identity. Most of the street art is of a very high standard. it gives the city an air of amusement and frivolity.

Planning is highly regulated. The old facades of wood and corrugated iron are maintained sometimes ‘hide’ very modern interiors.

But Valpo, like everywhere in Chile, has two sides. As I showed yesterday there are many,many substandard dwellings and evidence of great poverty side by side with all this spectacular fun graffiti.

Valporaiso graffit lady

A modern young woman

Valporaiso graffitbuildings

Looking down on city graffiti

Valporaiso graffit green man

A comic character

Valporaiso graffit ljesters

Jester men


Valporaiso graffit grntefeliz

A cafe